‘Biba tra’i lomba di dios’

That is what the inhabitants of Seru Papaya Curaçao say when you ask about their living environment. ‘We live behind god’s back’. Seru Papaya has a troubled history and Atelier Habitat did a study: What can architecture do for a neighbourhood like this.

With children, with grown ups, with the elderly, with the housing corporation, with the local school, with local architects, with charity organisations  and more Atelier Habitat intensively collected data. All the needs and elements for a positive social growth where transformed in the design of a multifunctional centre. A centre owned by the inhabitants. Co-creation.
Transparent and safe. Cheap and local. A place for all groups in the society

This study was the base of the Atelier Habitat philosophy (2009)

The feminine wing, a place to exercise the carnival dance moves (and lose weight) with a good overview over the children. A place where women meet and can hide from the heat. To educate and entertain themselves and others.